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The Indonesian Institute of NDT is the approved training partner of the Institute of Corrosion, offering an extensive range of corrosion prevention training courses tailored to address the challenges encountered in various industries. Our trainers are highly experienced in delivering engaging and relevant learning experiences, drawing from their extensive field experience to provide practical real-world examples.

The objective of this new course is to train and assess Inspectors of epoxy intumescent Passive Fire Protection (PFP) in inspecting common types of epoxy coatings. These coatings are utilized to safeguard against hydrocarbon fires on installations, applicable to both onshore and offshore facilities.

The course is specifically designed to ready ICorr Level 1 Protective Coatings Inspectors for the Level 2 examination. Topics covered in the syllabus below, if already familiar from the Level 1 syllabus, are explored in greater depth during this course, often involving hands-on practical exercises with equipment.

This course is specifically tailored to prepare individuals for the ICorr Insulation Inspector Level 2 examination. Additionally, a foundational understanding of corrosion and coating is emphasized as it is crucial for insulation inspectors, given the significant corrosion issues that often occur under insulation.

Through our online program, you can apply for a transition into the scheme within the appropriate discipline, rather than a specific grade or level.

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